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21-Days of Body Positivity Project on Instagram

Content Warning: weight and body image.

Recently, I've been organizing and backing up my photos from the last several years. I found tons of pictures of me from 2016: selfies on the subway, outfits of the day, photos with friends, etc. Then over the next few years, all those casual, day-to-day pictures slow down and nearly stop, replaced by images of objects and carefully posed photos from special occasions. Why? That trend coincides pretty neatly with me gradually gaining a good bit of weight over the same time period. Despite my professed body positivity, I've had trouble adjusting to my new size and silencing the voice in my head that says the way I look now isn't good enough to be shared with other people. So what's a girl to do? Well, I'm working on un-learning this fatphobic, misogynistic nonsense in a couple of different ways, but one of them is to TAKE LOTS MORE PICTURES! I thought a great way to add a measure of accountability would be to do an Instagram challenge, so I put this li'l thing together. Starting March 1 (a week from tomorrow) I'll be posting one new picture of myself every day for 21 days. Join me on Instagram to play along! If you'd like to join me, just tag me and use the hashtag #21DaysOfBodyPositivity so that I can see your lovely face and send you some love. Also, feel free to swap out or re-order any prompts that don't work for you! I built this with my life in mind and don't care if you do the same. Let's do this!


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